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We are :

Sales agents in China towards the most suitable Chinese brands, entertainment investors, buyers, distributors, producers, live shows venues.

  • Full-time China based sales executive.
  • In daily contact with Chinese brands and entertainment firms, thanks to our high-profil clients, talents, shows, speakers and hosts.
  • Access to a high-level network of Chinese private and government entertainment decision makers.
  • Deep knowledge of the Chinese brands, entertainment market and government rules.
  • Access to back-stage information on a daily basis.
  • Experience & expertise on deals’ negotiations in China.
  • A reputation from the Chinese stakeholders to only represent A-list companies and IPs.

Managers and consultants in China for entertainment firms, brands and talent.

  • Full-time China based talent managers and brands consultants.
  • Access to a high-level network of European entertainment decision makers, producers and talent.
  • Experience of the foreign entertainment market, for having lived & worked full-time in Montreal, New York, London and Paris.
  • A reputation from the foreign stakeholders to only work with trusted Chinese entertainment companies.

We only do China, only Entertainment, only Premium... since 2012.